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What Is SBG Missoula?

SBG Missoula is part of the SBG Montana Family and the internationally renowned Straight Blast Gym International.

Whether you’re a top level professional MMA fighter, elementary school child, middle-aged professional or stay-at-home mom, people join the tribe at Straight Blast Gym Missoula because they want REAL training with REAL results and REAL people. In every program, our innovative curriculum is designed to build skills and help people improve health and wellness. Our coaches are the best in the industry in both teaching, coaching, and making the journey valuable and enjoyable.

Our Kids Growing Gorillas program is exclusive to SBG and specially designed for children’s progression. Parents love the impact on their confidence, well-being and sporting achievement as much as the children do. 

Being part of the SBG Tribe makes you a part of a larger worldwide community of Straight Blast Gym International, alongside people of all walks of life in gyms located throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden, and Australia. At the heart of our training is a desire to find what works and train it.


At SBG Missoula, our Coaches are here to ensure you are supported on your desired path, whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, learn something new, or become a Champion. Our Coaches, who are not only accomplished athletes, make training fun and engaging. Nobody will be more invested in your growth and improvement than an SBG Coach.

Gus Nolte

Gus Nolte has been with SBG since 2010. Training in BJJ and MMA since 2010. Gus is a BJJ Black Belt, and a Pro MMA Fighter. Gus coaches: BJJ, MMA, Striking, and Kids Martial Arts.

Bekah Bell

Bekah Bell has been with SBG since 2013. Training in Strength & Conditioning since 2010, and BJJ since 2013. She is a BJJ Purple Belt, certified level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach, and a Rock Steady Boxing Coach. Bekah coaches; BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing, Fitness & Kids Martial Arts.

Alisha Hoskins

Alisha Hoskins has been with SBG since 2013. Alisha teaches BJJ foundations and is a RSB affiliate coach, and has been training BJJ since 2013. Allisha also trains striking, mma, and has Judo experience.

Ashely Maillet

Ashely Maillet as been with SBG since October 2018. Ashley coaches Kids Martial Arts classes and has been training BJJ since December 2018.

Adrienne Ellsworth

Adrienne Ellsworth has been with SBG since December 2018. She coaches Fit 2 Fight and Strength and Conditioning. She's been training kickboxing since October 2005 and she's been training jiu-jitsu since January 2019.

Chase Rook


SBG Missoula isn’t the only SBG Gym in the state of Montana, we have 4 other locations.


Tupufia Faleagafulu
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This is the best decision i have made the coaches are amazing and this has been life changing. I recommend everyone going here. The community is also huge here go check them out!
Kyle Richardson
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SBG is the best martial arts gym in missoula. They have a great staff and a great experience all around. Ashely was very professional and knowledgeable. 10 out of 10 would highly recommend for all levels.
Kayla Cook
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I cannot say enough great things about SBG Missoula. In the short time we have been there, my two kiddos have grown so much. My daughter has come out of her shell and is so much more outgoing. She listens better. And has a better temperament. My son has grown just as much. He is very high energy and this has been a great thing for him. He needed the structure. Coach Ashley and Coach Gus are amazing. Even when the kids act out at home, or we have any problems with anything…. They are quick to help out and come up with a game plan on how to improve things. Cannot wait to see where they are a year from now! Thank you guys!
Mary Barnett
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Sbg Missoula is my happy place! Such a warm, welcoming atmosphere with the best martial arts coaches anywhere in missoula. Every class, from the kids classes up to the adults, is taught by highly skilled coaches who are truly exceptional at what they do. I could not be more impressed with this gym. Highly recommended!
carmen corona
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SBG has been my home away from home for the past 3 years. My coaches and teammates have become my best friends. They are the people I know I can rely on in any situation in and out of the gym. Putting my heart into the martial arts is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I could not have found a better place than SBG to work This. Damn. Hard. Thank you Family
Justin Zachariasen
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This is the best gym I’ve ever been too! They make you feel wanted and welcomed and are always greeting you when you come into the gym with a big ol’ smile
Joe Burnich
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I have three kids and myself attending jui jitsu classes. This place is great! Gus and the crew are top notch instructors.
travis baldwin
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Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. An all around excellent facility and staff. Ashley at the front desk is superb and a treasure!
zachari sisson
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SBG is such a great place, clean facility and one of the best coaching staffs iv ever seen! Extremely thankful I made the choice to join the SBG tribe!
Matt Geiger
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Amazing coaches and staff! My son started training here two years ago. Since then my other son, my wife, my brother, two of my nieces, my nephew, and myself have all joined this community. I am thankful every day that my family and I are given the opportunity to train together and learn from each other. It is in no small part due to coach Gus and coach Becka, thank you.
Kaitlyn Van Helden
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SBG Missoula is a phenomenal establishment. I began here when I was nineteen and had to take a couple year break because of school, and when I came back every single coach remembered my name, where I was at in school, and made me feel right at home as if I’d never left. I could not recommend SBG Missoula enough to women who are looking to learn self defense—it is by far the best and most welcoming place to join.