KICKBOXING classes in Missoula, Montana

KICKBOXING classes in Missoula, Montana

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Kickboxing Training For Everyone

Learn the best Striking skills today and combine them with a total-body workout that will leave you feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. Our Muay Thai/Kickboxing Classes at SBG Missoula offer beginners and experienced athletes alike a chance to push themselves with high-energy workouts and effective self-defense skills.

  • Powerful Kicks & Strikes
  • Seamless transition strategies

People come to our world-class Martial Arts training for many reasons: to learn self-defense and discipline, to reduce stress and improve health, or simply to have fun. No matter your motivation, you’ll find your tribe at Straight Blast Gym Missoula.

Every person who walks through our door:

  • Stays healthy while learning something new & having fun
  • Loses weight, improve fitness, & develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Makes new friendships & surround themselves with people who want to make them better & help them succeed.

Why SBG Missoula?

  • Learn to be calm under pressure, be comfortable being uncomfortable, & use skills that keep you safe in real life situations.
  • Coaches who are not only accomplished athletes but make training fun and engaging. Nobody will be more invested in your growth and improvement than an SBG Missoula coach.
  • Surround yourself with people who strive to be better, challenge you, and want you to succeed on and off the mats.