The Gi versus No Gi debate inspires strong opinions in Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners, and many people will pick a side and stay loyal to it. As a result, their training becomes asymmetric, strong in one area and weak in the other. Both mindsets are limiting in their approach to jiu jitsu, and if you stick to just one style, you miss out on all that jiu jitsu offers. Gi training allows you to develop solid defensive skills, and No Gi training challenges you to sharpen your offensive game.

The cool thing about SBG Missoula is that Gi/No Gi training isn’t either/or. You don’t have to choose one over the other. We don’t confine ourselves to one type of training. We believe that training in both Gi and No Gi is the best way to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We don’t want to limit our jiu jitsu knowledge and the value that we provide to a wide variety of students. Our MMA fighters need immersive No Gi training to dominate a fight in the cage. Our BJJ competition team needs all the tools necessary to succeed in regional and national tournaments.

If you want to train BJJ for self-defense, the best choice is to train in both uniforms. Proponents of No Gi training will point out that Gi training makes you dependent on sleeve and collar grips, and most people don’t walk around in a heavy Gi top. That’s certainly true in warmer climates where you don’t see much snow. But in Montana, we are no stranger to wind, snow, and frigid temperatures, and training with those sleeve and collar grips could save your life.

The best thing about the BJJ programs at SBG Missoula is the families who train to stay healthy and have fun. Most of our students love jiu jitsu for physical fitness and mental toughness. They have no aspirations for competition. They simply want to stay in shape while having fun!

What makes SBG Missoula the best BJJ gym for beginners is our Foundations curriculum that you won’t find anywhere else. We start all new students training in a Gi so that they can develop a strong foundation for the fundamentals of BJJ. As their training progresses, they have the option of adding No Gi to their training regimen, and having that strong foundation will allow you to succeed in both uniforms.

No matter what your goals are, the jiu jitsu programs at SBG Missoula will help you reach them!

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