Krav Maga Classes In Missoula

Coach Gus: “I think being proactive and putting your safety and the safety of your family as top priority is very wise and Martial Arts is a fantastic way to do that. However not all Martial Arts are not created equal. Our time and energy are very precious and are limited so its important to train in a skill set that is proven to have the highest rate of success when it comes to self defense. What does that mean? It means that the skills you learn need to work in all environments, whether you are competing for a medal or fighting for your life, AND it means that those skills are not dependent on attributes like age, size and strength, because training in something that has an exportation date as you age is a waste of time. Thats why we choose to train in BJJ, Boxing/Kickboxing and MMA instead of other Martial Arts such as Krav Maga. We are constantly evolving and adapting our training methods so that we can provide YOU with the most solid and high quality programs out there. Our coaches never stop learning and striving to be the best and neither will you!

Come check us out and connect with our coaches. We won’t just tell you how great it is, we’ll show you!

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