Taekwondo Classes For Kids in Missoula

We get a lot of parents inquiring about training Jiu Jitsu or taekwondo and what’s best for their kids. And the answer is, it depends! All martial arts bring something unique to the table. Taekwondo has some pretty impressive kicks, is a great workout and has a strong emphasis on moral conduct.

Jiu Jitsu is our preference OBVIOUSLY so here’s what our art offers. We focus on mainly ground work, grappling. However in our SBG Academies we also incorporate judo and wrestling so that we know HOW to ground our opponents. This is a great way to approach self defense because it doesn’t rely heavily on athletic attributes and it’s easier to control a larger person when they are downed. At SBG Missoula we believe that it’s just as important and crucial to develop character so that our kids are, not only well adjusted little humans in society, but are the leaders and innovators of the future. That’s why we designed a lifeskills curriculum that intertwines with our Jiu Jitsu curriculum to create a “whole” childhood development program. 

If you are a parent scrolling through the depths of the internet trying to make your best informed decision on what martial art is best for YOUR kiddo, call or stop by SBG Missoula to connect with us and we will be more than happy to show your family what we’re all about! – Coach Bekah Bell

Come check us out and connect with our coaches. We won’t just tell you how great it is, we’ll show you!

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